Durbin Crossing

Eight weeks of jazz, lyrical, and ballet. This class aims to increase strength and flexibility while improving technique such as turns and leaps.

Instructor: Megan Bright

After being on the competition team with Studio 1 Dance Conservatory, Megan Bright began training with Impulse Dance Project (IDP) in 2016. IDP was a preprofessional convention competition studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. While attending conventions such as NYCDA, Radix, and Nuvo, she assisted 2 through 5-year-old dance class at IDP, and a 5 through 12-yearold theatre class with Kim Henry. Since moving to St Augustine in 2019, Megan has attended workshops with Dusty Button, Aunt Carol, Braham Logan Crane, Benjamin Peralta, Sabrina Phillip, Holly Ryder, and Jake Tribus. Megan's goal is to introduce the joy of dance, art, and expression to kids in the area while challenging them to their highest potential.


The Fall session will begin Tuesday, October 8th and run for 8 weeks.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Ages 9-12
policies and procedures


Cost is 2 Payments of $85 and checks must be made out to VESTA. Unlike other dance studios, there is no registration fee or ticket sales for performances. You can invite as many people as you'd like to watch your dancer(s) perform! My goal is to provide your child with an opportunity to experience all the fun and excitement of dance and performances, without having the high costs involved!

Payment is due on the first dance day of each month (see payment schedule below) If your child misses the first class of the month, please plan to drop off a check at the Amenity Center by the due date. If a check is returned, the Amenity Center charges a fee, and will require you to pay in cash going forward. Checks should be made out to Vesta.

1st payment due Tuesday, February 5th
2nd payment due Tuesday, March 5th
3rd payment due Tuesday, April 9th
If class is canceled for any reason, a makeup class will be arranged. If your child misses classes due to illness, I will do my best to have them make up, however it must be done within in the same month of the missed class.