Policies and Procedures


The Spring session will begin Monday, August 20th and run through Monday, December 3rd. Dancers will be performing during the neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday December 8th. Participation in the show is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged as we will be working on performance routines during class time! We will also have an open house style class on the last day of class. We would love for the parents to stay and see all the girls have learned in the session!


The cost is based on the entire 14 week session, and is $200 OR you can make 4 payments of $55. Unlike other dance studios, we do not charge a recital fee, or ticket sales for performances. You can invite as many people as you'd like to watch your dancer(s) perform! My goal is to provide your child with an opportunity to experience all the fun and excitement of dance and performances, without having the high costs involved!


Please pay attention to your particular payment arrangements and when payments are due. If your child misses class on a payment due date, please mail a check to Cristina Duncan 161 Casa Sevilla Ave. St. Augustine, FL 32092.

Dance Attire


Dancers will need a leotard, skirt, and ballet shoes for class. Any color your dancer chooses is fine! Target & Walmart both have dance sections with many leotards and skirts to choose from. Ballet shoes can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or any dancewear store. Tights are not required for class, but for performances I do request all the girls wear tights!

Combo Class

Dancers will need jazz shoes for class. Jazz shoes can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or any dance wear store. For class, dancers are welcome to wear whatever they are comfortable moving around in. For performances, students will need a pair of black leggings and their Gift of Dance T-shirt (Will be provided to students)


It's very important that your dancer uses the restroom before class starts. I recommend getting to class a few minutes early, so you can have them go before we start. It takes away from all the fun activities, if we have to stop for potty breaks. Also, please remember to bring a water bottle each week. We do a lot of jumping, spinning, and dancing, and the girls get very thirsty during class.